Art Department

Explore your creative side or develop your artistic skill set

We invite you to connect with your own creative vision, while enhancing the skill sets and experiences that support it,  through classes, retreats, and residencies

The Art Department at Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary works upon the principle that the key to successful endeavors is recognizing and utilizing the ideas that we are most passionate about. We then work with these concepts to develop creative and sustainable strategies that bring our projects to fruition. We do this both as individuals and as a community, breaking through competitive traditions in the arts, to find common ground in a non-competitive, community supported, learning environment.

Come join us! Either as a student enrolled in one of our Classes, or as an independent artist through our Residency Program.

Upcoming Art Classes and Programs

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Classes and Programs will be updating as Heartwood embraces a broader reopening of services. So check back for updates! 

George Lea (our Art Programs Manager) encourages inquiries, as well as suggestions of what it is that you would like to see us offer through the Art Department. He can be contacted via email at: [email protected] 

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