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Welcome to the planet’s most remote art department

The Art Department at Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary works upon the principle that the key to successful endeavors is recognizing and utilizing the ideas that we are most passionate about. We then work with these concepts to develop creative and sustainable strategies that bring our projects to fruition. We do this both as individuals and as a community, breaking through competitive traditions in the arts, to find common ground in a non-competitive, community supported, learning environment.

Come join us! There are a variety of ways to do this; as a student enrolled in one of our Classes, as an independent artist through our Residency Programs, or perhaps as a Guest Instructor.

Upcoming Art Department Events

We are also pleased to announce our four month long ResidentialĀ Ceramics Program with sessions being offered in both the Spring and Fall. This foundation level program has been designed for beginning level students who are seriousĀ about pursuing a future working with ceramic materials.

We invite you to connect with your aspirations and visions, and to exceed your own expectations at what may be the planet’s most remote art department.

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