Artist Residency

A supportive environment to evolve and explore your artistic skill set

Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary offers a unique environment for creative individuals to immerse themselves in to achieve their goals and visions as artists while residing within a dynamic community in the mountains of northern California.

We do this by honoring the space and time requirements of artists while providing an atmosphere of respect, support, and positive feedback.

Heartwood is a unique place to spend some time exploring  your creative endeavors

Many of those who spend time at Heartwood find the experience to be transformational and find that the attitudes and personal development tools that they develop here positively influence their lives far into their futures.

Our location in northern California allows for a tranquil retreat-like setting with beautiful mountain vistas while providing resort-like amenities such as access to our hot tub, sauna, and seasonal bromine pool.

Those artists inclined to explore regional opportunities within the arts will find they are within a day’s drive of San Francisco and Ashland Oregon, communities noted for their vibrant art scenes. Two hours to our north Eureka and Arcata offer arts events throughout the year while a broad range of art materials, supplies, and services can be located there as well.

What’s the process to become a resident artists?

Residencies are made available through a tiered system. First-time applicants may apply for a four-week stay. Artists who successfully complete an initial four-week residency may apply for future residencies, these are reviewed on the basis of project merits, past performance, and the availability of space. These second-tier residencies are available in four-week intervals up to 12 weeks in length.


Applicants are highly encouraged to book a preliminary visit to Heartwood to meet our staff and acquaint themselves with the property as well as our facilities, prior to submitting an application. For those who cannot make a visit in person, the program manager recommends sending an initial letter of inquiry to: [email protected] . Through this channel phone, interviews may be arranged to ask and answer questions in the interest of ensuring an appropriate fit for the applicant within our program.


Applications are currently accepted on an ongoing basis and are reviewed on their merits, as well as on the basis of Heartwood’s ability to adequately address the needs of the artist.

The institute is open to a wide variety of proposals, we recognize that not all proposals will fit neatly into the parameters of our four-week program for individual artists. A prime example of such proposals would be “group projects” involving more than one artist, some examples would be acting or dance troupes, artist collectives, filmmakers, or musicians working together towards a common group goal. In such cases, fee structures will generally have to be adapted to become project-specific and to cover the needs of the “group”.

Other things to consider about residencies at Heartwood

Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary’s Artist Residency Program is intended for those artists who are motivated and capable of supporting and sustaining their own projects.

Artists should be financially prepared to provide their own tools and materials, as well as to assume responsibility for preparing their own meals throughout the duration of their residency. In support, Heartwood offers furnished private rooms or camping to each of our Resident Artists at a relatively low cost as a means of assistance, these accommodations are supported by a community kitchen for preparing meals as well as dormitory-style bathrooms.

4 Week Artist In Residence Rates:

  • $200 – Admin Fee
  • $200 – Studio Space (Optional)
  • $420 – Camping (does not include tax)
  • $560 – Cabinette (does not include tax)
  • $700 – Bungalow (does not include tax)

We recognize that each residency opportunity will require addressing a unique set of needs, the process of applying can be aided by our Art Programs Manager. Inquiries relating to your proposal and specific needs should be directed to [email protected] Attn: George Lea, Artist Residency Coordinator

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