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For artists who are capable of supporting and sustaining their own projects, Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary offers the opportunity to join our community, providing a quiet place to pursue personal goals relating to the arts. We do this primarily through providing housing options at a relatively low cost. Artists should be prepared to provide their own tools and materials, as well as to assume responsibility for preparing their own meals in a shared community kitchen. Resident Artists will be provided with private rooms which have access to dormitory style bathrooms.

Proposals are accepted on an on-going basis and are reviewed on their merits, as well as on the basis of Heartwood’s ability to adequately address the needs of the artist. Artist housing under this program is made available at $500 a month, which includes all utilities, except wi-fi, which is available separately. 

The same housing plan is available to Resident Artists and Guest Instructors.

Resident Artists and Guest Instructors with sufficient experience and approved lesson plans, may be able to offer coursework through Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary. Arts instructors receive 70% of approved tuition costs, which may either significantly reduce the cost of conducting a residency, or actually make the experience profitable. HMS is open to a wide variety of proposals, however at present we are best prepared to host Resident Artists whose logistical needs are largely covered by the artist themselves. (Examples of which would be writers, photographers, painters, and musicians, to name but a few.)

We recognize that each residency opportunity will require addressing a unique set of needs, and the process of applying can be aided by our Arts Program Manager George Lea. Inquiries relating to your proposal and specific needs should be directed to [email protected].

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