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Farm to table is a short walk over the hill to the Heartwood Lodge Kitchen

Nestled into a wooded hollow, our spring-fed greenhouses, raised Hugelculture beds, flower and vegetable plots vibrate with vitality. Our farm stewards build fertility and balance, looking to the future with care. Our prep cook is also our farm hand, and the connection from farm to table is a short walk over the hill to the Heartwood Lodge Kitchen.

Heartwood lands are blessed with rich soil, fresh spring water and the favorable growing conditions of the Emerald Triangle. Our goal is to turn these resources into food security for our community, neighborhood and eventually, bioregion. Our farm and culinary departments work collaboratively to supply our neighbors and visitors with organic farm fresh meals through the lodge and Welcome Center.

There are many exciting projects on the horizon.
Stay tuned for our Farm Stand, CSA, and value-added products coming this year!

Visitors are welcome to arrange a farm tour. If you get there early in the morning you may see our farm crew watering or harvesting. Enter the handmade gate through our new fence (thanks to the bear who ate all of our melons last year) and come see what’s growing. Farm tours can be arranged through the Welcome Center upon arrival.

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